Do You Want Bionic Eyes?

Engineers at the University of Washington ( are developing contact lenses imprinted with electronic circuits and lights. These contact lenses will allow the wearer to see generated images superimposed over the outside world. There are many possible uses that are cited for this like navigation information for drivers or pilots, virtual reality for video games, and watching porn while you go about your daily business. According to one of the researchers, Babak Parviz, “People may find all sorts of applications for it that we have not thought about.Our goal is to demonstrate the basic technology and make sure it works and that it’s safe.” Wow, it is like having bionic eyes! A prototype of the lens has been introduced in January at the IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro- Mechanical Systems. Though the the prototype’s display does not light yet, it has an electrical circuit plus some red LEDs. It has been tested on rabbits for about 20 minutes and no ill effects has been reported to have occured. Fully operational versions are not expected to obstruct the wearers’ vision, either, as “there is a large area outside of the transparent part of the eye that we can use for placing instrumentation.”

Taken from anythingthatmatters

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