Entourage Season 6 Episode 8 [HD Quality & Streaming]

Entourage Season 6 Episode 8 [HD Quality & Streaming]

This week’s episode is dedicated to all my college students out there, moving back on campus from the newly minted freshmen to the OG seniors. wzup. your university probably laced you with that basic cable. no HBO. maybe you’re in a forced triple, top bunk. maybe you’re cooped up in that suite. there’s probably no way of seeing tonight’s episode but DCtoBC’s got you! this one’s for you guys. every sunday. yerp.

now, back to business. the sorkin notes is the name of this week’s episode, the eighth of the sixth season.

the trill synopsis of the episode: eric decides to meet with sloan, but rethinks their whole relationship after gollum…i mean ashley calls him. Andrew’s back to his basket case ways when he has a meltdown that puts a big deal in jeopardy. and finally, vince and the boys call in some professional help after last week’s burglary.

so now you have that. here’s the HD (hella dope) video streaming, as well as the link(s) to download the new episode. and if it’s your first time on this site, i’ll assure you, ain’t no bull$#!t product out here.