How to Add Songs From a CD to an iPod

With the rise of the iPod, compact discs are quickly going out of style. Now an entire music collection can fit in the palm of your hand. But don't start using those CDs as coasters just yet--hang on to your favorite tunes by taking a few minutes to add songs from a CD to an iPod.

Things You’ll Need:

Add Song to an iPod

Step 1:
Download the iTunes program. This can be done by clicking "Download" on the "iPod + iTunes" section of Apple's Web site. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.

Step 2:
Locate your computer’s CD drive and insert an audio CD.

Step 3:
Open iTunes. The contents of the CD will appear as a list of tracks in the iTunes window. If you have Internet access, iTunes will search a database for information about the songs, including the name, artist and album. If you don't have Internet access, enter this information yourself by highlighting a song, then clicking the field you wish to change and typing in the new data.

Step 4:
Decide which songs you do not want to copy to your iTunes music library from the list of songs. Click the small check-marked box next to the song name; when a box no longer has a checkmark, you have deselected that song and it won’t be imported.

Step 5:
Copy the selected songs from the track list to your computer by clicking the “Import” button in the upper right-hand corner of the iTunes window. When the tracks have been successfully copied and added to your iTunes music library, eject the CD and remove it from your computer.

Step 6:
Use the USB cable that came with your iPod to connect it to your computer.

Step 7:
Wait for iTunes to recognize the connection to your iPod. Select the “iPod” icon once it is displayed in the iTunes window. This will open the “Summary” tab in the iTunes window.

Step 8:
Select “Sync Music” to allow your iPod to automatically copy all the music stored in your iTunes library, or choose to “Manually Manage Music” to be more selective about what songs you transfer to your iPod.

Step 9:
Highlight the tracks you wish to transfer from your iTunes library, then click, drag and release them over the iPod icon.

Step 10:
Allow the iPod to load the new songs, then disconnect your updated iPod by clicking the “Eject” icon next to it in the iTunes window. Remove the USB cable when prompted.