How to Assign a Different User Name to a Program Shortcut

Do you have different users on one computer? Perhaps a user sometimes needs to run a certain program with their user name, but does not want to log off from the current user for whatever reason. These steps will show you how to assign a different user name to a program shortcut. This will allow the alternate user to execute the program under their user

Things You’ll Need:

Step 1:
Click “Start” and then click “My Computer.” Alternatively, double click “My Computer” from your desktop.

Step 2:
Double click the drive where Windows is installed on your computer. Most typically, this will be your C Drive.

Step 3:
Double click the “Program Files” folder.

Step 4:
Double click the folder of the program you want to assign the user name to. Right click the program’s executable file and click “Create Shortcut.”

Step 5:
Right click your new shortcut, and click “Properties.” The program’s “Properties” dialog box will open.

Step 6:
Click on the “Shortcut” tab. Click “Advanced” and then select the check box for “Run With Different Credentials.”

Step 7:
Click “Apply” and “OK.”

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