How to Hide Files in Image Files

The right to keep secrets is a privilege that every human being should enjoy. Our secrets are who we are and in this age and time the name of the game is distrust. We keep our dark secrets to ourselves for fear of rejection by others, we only reveal them to a very trusted few.

We all know (consciously or unconsciously) that the shape of one’s character is revealed by the kind of clutter one makes in one’s life. Let me see the contents of your hard drive and i will tell you who you are. We all know that the kinds of files you download help reveal your soul’s shape that is why you would like to know how to hide your "dark’ files so that your nosy officemates won’t see them. Here’s a method of hiding files in other files. In this tutorial we will hide an mp3 file in an image file (.jpg) so that when an unsuspecting intruder to your PC clicks the image file all he sees is the image, he won’t hear the music hidden in the image file.

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