How To Jump To Favorite Folders In File Open Save Dialogs [DirectFolder]

Quite sometime back we had spoken about how to add your favorite folder to your file open / save dialogs and also followed it up with a trick on how to access multiple favorite folders with a simple click in the file / open save dialogs.

Those tricks are still very much useful but if you intend to save yourself some time and efforts there is a very cool software utility that will allow you to open your favorite folders if you are using file open / save dialogs, browse dialogs or just using Windows explorer to browse folders.

DirectFolder can be used by double click in any empty area of file open / save dialogs, browse dialogs or Windows explorer. Once you do that a new context menu will be displayed using which you can directly go to the folder you choose.


You can use it to get over the lousy task of browsing folders every time you want to save a image from the Internet or upload one to it. Other uses could range from anything to everything.

This for me is a really cool utility which will definitely go down in my must have application list both for myself and the website must have utilities too. Stamped ultra useful by Techie Buzz.

Download DirectFolder