Microsoft is killing XP, So What?

Microsoft is planning to end all retail and PC OEM sales of XP on June 30 this year. This move by Microsoft is not being welcomed by many Windows PC users. In a survey conducted by PC World Magazine, it came out that two-thirds of the respondents were very unhappy about the news; 79% also said that they prefer XP over Vista. PCWorld’s survey was inspired by a site called where almost 100,000 people have added their names to an online petition urging Microsoft to reconsider its decision.

Why is it that majority of PC users could not just accept the changing of season? I have been using Windows Vista Ultimate for almost a year now and I would not deny that it took me about two to three months to get the hang of it.I would not also deny that Vista, as of now, is clearly not as stable an OS as XP, just this month i had three to four “blue screens” from crashes whose causes i, nor Microsoft’s website, could not explain. Now if you will ask me which OS I prefer I would say that I prefer Vista over XP. Vista is a work in progress, we still do not know how much it could give us. As for XP, we have mastered it, it has become the comfort zone of many PC users, a new challege like Vista looks like a lot of work and humans are naturally lazy so they stick to something that is familiar. I’m bored with XP’s look and familiarity.