Adobe Relinquishes Ownership of Photos Uploaded to Photoshop Express

When Adobe launched Photoshop Express last week, we were so excited to try out the powerful online image editing application that we didn't read the fine print very closely. But one of our readers was kind enough to point out the fact that Adobe reserved the right to do some interesting things with your photos.

Specifically, Adobe's terms of use stated that the company could "use, distribute, derive revenue or other renumeration from, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate" and use your images "in any format or medium now or later developed." Now, while it makes sense that users need to grant Adobe some non-exclusive rights to their images so Adobe doesn't get accused of any wrongdoing by publishing your images on the web, the whole making money off of your images even after you remove them from your account thing seemed like a bit much and led to a few complaints.

Now Adobe has revised its terms of use. And while the company still has the right to display and distribute your content, the new terms clearly state that Adobe does not have the right to sell your content or to use it at all once you remove it from your account. And if you want to prevent Adobe from displaying your image publicly in the first place, all you have to do is refrain from clicking the share option.


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