Amic Email Backup: Free backup for your email account

Backup. It's so hot right now. Backup.

Amic Email Backup is another new email backup solution, designed for ease-of-use and offering support for a wide variety of email accounts, such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, IncrediMail, Opera Mail, and more.

Amic Email Backup not only saves the text of the emails themselves, but the address books, settings, news accounts, message rules, blocked senders lists and signatures.

The program has two modes: Wizard and Standard mode. Obviously, the Wizard mode will walk you through creating, restoring, and/or scheduling your backup. Standard mode is for the tweakers and the customizers. The email backup can also be moved from one computer to another, handy if you're moving all of your information to a new computer.

In all, Amic Email Backup is a nice, and affordable (read: free) entry into the realm of automated email backup, though there wasn't much in the program that made us sit up and take notice. In other words, it's not the kind of thing that wars are started over, and not the kind of thing that makes us want to do cartwheels. But if you're looking for a free and simple email backup solution, believe us, you can do worse.

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