Flickr caves in, agrees to free donut demands

Flickr donuts
A few days ago we reported that Flickr users were revolting. Wait, no that came out wrong. What we reported was that a group of very attractive (or so we assume) Flickr users are unhappy about the addition of video to the site. So they did what any self-respecting group of netizens would, they started a group and created a petition asking for Flickr to remove the video upload feature.

Flickr so far has resisted their demands. But demonstrating that the Yahoo! owned company can in fact be bullied into doing just about anything, Flickr's Mathew Rothenberg has agreed to another demand: free donuts for any member of the We Demand Donuts Flickr group who shows up to claim one in person. Seriously.

The We Demand Donuts group was obviously formed to mock the No Video on Flickr group. But so far more than 1800 people have signed up. While that might seem like a lot of donuts, Rothenberg is only promising one donut per member while supplies last, and members will have to show up at a San Francisco donut shop to be determined. So if you happen to be in San Francisco and want to see if it's possible for a donut shop to sell out of inventory, there's still time to sign up.


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