Shidewin: Show or hide all of your windows

Shidewin is a simple program that allows you to reclaim all of your wayward windows, applications or otherwise.

Tell us if this has happened to you before: In a dual display setup, you need to unplug the second monitor for some reason, only to find that the programs that were displaying on the second monitor decided not to move back over to the primary one. Where are they?

Why, on the second monitor, of course. You know, the one that's now unplugged.

To rectify this situation in the past, you would have to plug in the second monitor again, then drag your programs back over to the primary monitor.

Shidewin will take care of this problem and more. Once launched, it will show you all open windows, including applications. To make a window appear (or, in the above case, reappear), simply click on its name. Voila!

Shidewin is also useful when your multiple virtual desktop software crashes, or if a window is only accessible via the system tray and the icon disappeared (when explorer.exe is killed, for example).

Shidewin is free, and Windows only.


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