Tweak Windows with TweakNow WinSecret Professional

TweakNow WinSecret Professional is a Windows tweaker that is free for personal use. You could say oh no, not another tweaker and I partially think you are right. There is definitely no shortage when it comes to programs that tweak Windows settings. This one however comes with a nice clean interface and auto backups that allow you to revert all changes with two clicks.

Eleven categories are available after starting TweakNow WinSecret Professional ranging from User Accounts to Windows Core and Control Panel. Each category opens up in a new window that uses tabs to further categorize the tweaks. Windows Core for instance offers the following five tabs: Windows XP Prefetch, Windows Time Out, Cache, Misc and Security.

It takes a while to click through all categories and tabs but it’s well worth it in my opinion. Some of the features that not every Windows tweaker offers are the option to relocate the special folders, manage desctop icons, hiding drive icons and changing user passwords right from the application.


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