CinemaNow Via your Windows Media Center

Do you remember CinemaNow? I know that most of us is now into Netflix, Amazon, or Joost and has forgotten good old CinemaNow. Here's a little good news for us: beginning today you could access the service of CinemaNow through your Windows Media Center. Surprised? Sound awesome huh! Of course there is a need for you to register for a CinemaNow account for you to be able to enjoy it. And you also need to be using Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate for you to have Windows Media Center. In Media Center just go to More TV section and there you will find CinemaNow's icon. Cinema now is kind of a late comer in this game because MovieLink and Vongo have had Windows MCE applications for some time now. But CinemaNow could offer users with around 34000 movies, around 3,000 music videos and 3,000 TV episodes. Would Amazon, Apple, and Netflix release Widnows MCE applications? Let's wait and see.

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