Easy Blogging with ScribbleLive

Liveblogging doesn't get much easier with ScribbleLive. If you are in a hurry to liveblog and do not want to go through the hussle of signing up for an account then ScribbleLive is for you. All one needs to do to create a blog and start updating immediately is to use one's Windows Live login or OpenID or Facebook. The downside is that there is no other way of using the site if you do not have any of the three mentioned accounts. So if that is the case there is the need to sign up to any of the three to be able to use the site. Once you have logged in all you need to do is liveblog an event, hit the save button and your entry would be there for every one to read. There are two ways of sorting your entries; entries shown with the oldest first or the other way around. You can also invite readers to contribute to your blog by sharing a URL. There's one problem though, it is not possible to embed a liveblog on your own site. But there is a buzz that an embeddable widget is coming soon.

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