HP Discovers Memristor

Some of the things that make our lives easier today are resistors, capacitors, and inductors. How about adding a fourth one to make our lives much much easier? How about adding the memsistor? Yes this long-lost theoretical electrical circuit actually exists and HP, a company that do not manufacture chip, discovered it.

We all know about resistors, which resist the flow of electricity; capacitors, which are used to store electricity; and inductors which allow the flow of electric current without changing it. But do you know about memsistor, which measures how much electric current has passed a wire? Stan Williams, the head of the Information and Quantum Systems Laboratory at HP, say that a reseach they did has proven the possibility of the memsistor becoming available in the coming years.

What good would memsistor give us? It could give us energy-efficient memory chips that are capable of storing far more data in a given space than what we currently have. Memsistors require less silicon, consumes less energy and it does not require that many transistors so you can say goodbye to your flash memory chips because it would be repleced soom. But as of now, engineers are still learning how to design computers using this new components. Because HP does not make chips, it will license its invention to companies that manufacture chips.