Microsoft Bribing People to Use Its Live Search Engine

You've probably heard about Live Search Engine. But I know that majority of internet users do not know about this search engine. Try Googling it so that you will know where to find it and what it is for. When it comes to Operating Systems Windows is the undisputed flavor of the century but when it comes to search engines Google is the king of the jungle. But Microsoft
is now in a somewhat pityfully desperate attempt to take over search engine dominance. It is now bribing people to use their search engine. They have this what they call "Live Search Cashback". what does it mean? The word cash is there probably it is something good. It works like this : if you use Live Search engine to search for some particular products there is a possibility that you will earn if you buy these products. When you buy a qualifying product that you've searched through Live Search engine Microsoft will put in your "cashback account" a tiny fraction of the amount of the product. Of course the more you search and buy the more cash will go to your account.When your balance reaches $5 or more they will send you the money.
Microsoft has already partnered with big name companies. Sounds good but what Microsoft failed to see is the fact that most of the time i use a search engine I only think of one thing: that i will find what i am searching for and only one thing can give it to me, Google. I know that this is the case for almost all internet users. The fact that with Live Search Cashback you won't be making any money if you do not shell out some, it is not actually motivation enough to the average internet user whose reason to use a search engine is not all the time to buy. I think it would have been better if they just have some sort of raffle or something. Everytime you use Live search engine you will have a ticket of some sort that goes into your account that will qualify you for the weekly or monthly raffle. Sounds funny but better than the cashback thingy.