Now You can Preview the Contents of ZIP or RAR File Before Downloading

We all share the feeling of disappointment and frustration we feel after waiting for hours for a large file to finish downloading only to find out that its content is not what we wanted. Now Firefox has an answer for this. A new add-on for Firefox is now available and it is called ArchView . This add-on will let you preview the contents of a RAR or ZIP file before it is even downloaded. And what makes it very cool is the fact that you can even choose what to download and what not to download from the contents of the RAR or ZIP files. If the RAR or ZIP file has multi[ple contents and you only need one of those multiple contents then there is no need for you to download the whole RAR file, just the content that you want.

When installed ArchView hangs out in your status bar. Click on it to enable or disable it or change its settings. Future version sees the inclusion of other formats like ISO and 7z. Archview supports Firefox 2 and Firefox 3. But don't be surprised if the version available at the official FireFox add-on download page says that it is not compatible with Firefox 3 beta 5 r and Firefox 3 RC1. But this is not actually true. The best thing to do just install the plugin directly from its developer's page if your version of Firefox is later than 3 beta 4.

But what if the file is password-protected? Go, install the plug-in and see for your self.