Believe in Magic

The key to success is the ability to reinvent. Criss Angel and Cirque Du Soleil are among the few who know how to reinvent their craft. Like Harry Houdini, Criss Angel reinvented magic and has changed our way of seeing this art form. But unlike Houdini, Criss Angel has taken his art to a higher level. Houdini paved the way for modern magic, Criss Angel has taken magic's way to another world -- a surreal world floating in mysticism and illusion. What happens when Criss Angel performs with the legendary entertainment empire Cirque Du Soleil? A show that could blow all your disbelief away.

CRISS ANGEL Believe at Luxor Hotel and Casino will take you into a journey into the labyrinth of Criss Angel's mind and Cirque Du Soleil's magnificence. This show is Angel's homage to legendary magician and escape artist, Harry Houdin. Criss Angel's illusions include levitations, walking on water, causing a Lamborghini to disappear, floating between two buildings,cutting himself in half in full view of an audience and getting run over by a steamroller while lying stomach down on a bed of glass. CRISS ANGEL Believe will be a visual feast that would play with the audience's mood, reverie, and emotions. Cirque Du Soleil is perfect for setting the theatrical tableau on which the show will shine. Preview performances on September 1 through 11 will give fans a glimpse of what is to come. For those who would like to have free tickets to the show there is a current Text Message contest that could land 2 tickets in your hand. Just text 'Believe' to 22122 and who knows you'd be one of those lucky enough to be part of the audience.

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