Enjoy Collaborative Searching with Microsoft SearchTogether IE7 plugin

I am not an IE user because this browser is a pain as far as I am concerned. Or am i just so used to Firefox's reliability that other browsers look like failures to me. But anyway i know a lot of people who still use IE so this is for them. Microsoft has come up with a new plugin for their IE7, it is called SearchTogether. This plugin lets you share your search history with others and it also provides tools for leaving comments and voting on search listings. You need a Windows Live ID to run SearchTogether but you are not required to use Windows Live Search as your search engine. Any search engine will do, Google, Yahoo, or whatever. But the question is, why would somebody want to share his search history with others? People have varied reasons for doing things, probably Microsoft just wants to make those who have reasons to share their search history happier. As of now I could not think of a reason why I would have the need to share my search history with others so this plugin won't have any use for me.