A Faster Way to Shrink Video Files

To be able to watch your favorite videos in media players like iPod, Sony PSP, Zune, mobile phones and many others, you need to shrink them into a size that's small enough for the above mentioned media players to handle. There are a many ways you can do this, but the fastest and I think the best way is with Instant Video To-Go. This little thing of magic looks like a USB flash drive, and shrinks files much faster than software alone can do. Using the hardware/software combo, you can speed up the time it takes to compress the video by about 15 times. By the company’s estimates, a 100- minute two-gigabyte video in the MPEG2 format that would take around five hours to shrink down with software alone takes only 20 minutes to be transformed into the high-quality H.264 MPEG4 video used bymany portables.