How to Instantly Compress Files You Send via Email

Many of us have encountered this problem ; you want to send a large file or a group of files via e-mail but your ISP or corporate e-mail system or the recipient's email system won't cooperate. The solution in sight is obviously the use of a compression tool before sending the files via email as attachment. But most average users find this a tiring process: first finding the files, then zipping them, then opening Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail, then sending the attachment. It takes alot of precious time. But don't you know thatthere’s a way to zip them in a single stop, right from within Outlook, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail, or your email program. This hack works in Windows XP as well as Windows Vista. Open your mail and type your message as you would normally do. Click the "Attachment" icon then highlight all the files you want to send. Right-click the group of files you've highlighted. In case you are sending a single file only, just right-click on that single file. From the drop down menu that appears choose "Send To→Compressed (zipped) Folder".The files will be zipped, and the ZIP file will be given the name of the fi rst file in the group. You may rename the zip file if you want. Click insert. You're done.

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