How to Mount your Zune as a Hard Drive

You know that by default you can't use your Zune as a hard drive because Microsoft meant it only to be used via its built-in sync. But the rule breaker in you knows that there is a hack around it, you just don't know how because if you do you won't be wasting you time reading this. Probably you know that the key to the hack is buried deep within the registry. Yes, with a tweak in the registry you would be able to treat the Zune like it’s just another hard drive in your PC, and you'd be able to drag and drop files between it and your PC. To do the hack, launch your Registry Editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\ControlSet001\Enum\USB.Right-click on the USB folder, and select Find. Search for PortableDeviceNameSpace. Change the EnableLegacySupport DWORD value from 0 to 1, and click OK. Change the PortableDeviceNameSpaceExcludeFromShell DWORD from 1 to 0, and click OK. Change the ShowInShell DWORD value from 0 to 1, and click OK. Exit the Registry, and attach your Zune to your PC. In Windows, double-click the Zune icon, and then double-click the storage inside it.You’ll see various folders, such as those that store your Albums, Music, Pictures, Playlists, Video, and so on. Even though you can see the Zune’s hard drive, you can’t yet copy fi les to and from it. You’ll only be able to do that when the Zune lowers its built-in protection. The Zune lowers its protection whenever it performs a synchronization. So, synchronize a large fi le that takes a long time to transfer, such as a video fi le. While the fi le is transferring, you can copy fi les between your PC and the Zune using Windows Explorer.

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