I signed up for PPP!

For some reasons many people are intimidated with writing that is why they shun it. But there are also those who, for some reasons also, see writing as a necessary part of their lives and it comes to them second nature, just like talking or breathing or eating, they need to do it or die. I do not belong to any of the two groups of people I have mentioned above because I am not exactly intimidated by writing but I do not see it as something that is as easy as breathing or eating to do. I see writing as an outlet, a form of recreation that is always there for me whenever I have the need to enjoy it. Writing for me is like playing PC games, it is not easy but i enjoy the process of doing it. Today there are many ways in which one can share one's writing to the world. One of these ways is blogging. I have known about blogging years ago but I did not really see it then as a necessary part of my life that is why i did not start any blog at all. For years I was contented with just reading blog entries here and there that interest me. But early this year I started two blogs and got somewhat addicted to it. A month later I added two more blogs.

I started to blog because of three reasons. First, I saw that it is not really necessary to be a very good writer to be a good blogger. I see many mediocre writers making great blogs, what is important is one's keeness when it comes to knowing what goes in a blog. Second reason, I am envious of some bloggers I know ( and who have become my friends) who are raving about how they earn money because of their blogs. The third reason, I want to put my writing to the test and see if it could fetch me some money on the sides. Of course I study other people's blogs- the layout, the way they choose to topics, where they put the ads, and everything along this line. I got Adsense, AdBrite and some smaller ones invade two of the three columns in three of my Blogs to see if I could earn good money with them. But after three months of blogging I only averaged about $1 a day income from all my four blogs with all the ads in them from four different ads companies. This is not good news so I looked for other better means of monitizing my blogs. I learned about PayPerPost from one of the many blogs I frequent, BerryBlitz's blog. I got quiet excited with the idea of earning money directly from my writing. Earning directly from what I write is quiet different from earning from the traffic that comes into one's blog, it gives the blogger a taste of the kind of fulfillment professional freelance journalists feel every time they sell an article. Isn't it nice for a regular dude like me to get paid because of what I write? Isn't it wonderful to get paid to blog? It is exciting. So I signed up for PayPerPost the day I signed up for SocialSpark. Two weeks and a few days is a long wait but the day I read the email from PayPerPost that my blog was approved finally came. I put some office works aside (I'm boss in my department so nobody's gonna say "hey, on to work and stop blogging") and dived into looking around PayPerPost, you know, the usual necessary stuff like reading FAQ's and rules. Now that my blog is already approved I am into this exciting game of competing with other bloggers in getting opportunities.

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