I Am Happy That I Signed up For Social Spark!

Like every blogger, i see and understand the power of the web. I have been using the internet for many years now and I know that we now have more than a billion people on the Internet, a few hundred million of whom are online at any given moment. I have known about blogs and somewhat understood its power years ago but i never cared to dip my fingers into it. I don't know what took me too long to start blogging. Probably it was because i was so much into forums. Yes i read blogs but i was more into being active in forums (especially share forums). But this year i finally got into starting a blog. I understand that some bloggers now have more traffic and higher search engine rating than media companies that have been around for years. I also understand that people earn through blogging so i got AdBrite and Adsense into my blogs. But after a month of having the ads in my pages I saw that money flowed into my blogs at around $0.76 a day, too slow compared to what i have heard from people bragging about their blogging income. Then I stumbled upon BerryBlog . In this blog i read about SocialSpark and got somewhat interested. So i visited SocialSpark and signed up and forgot about it for about two weeks. Then after being frustrated by the same slow flow of income from the ads in my blogs i remebered SocialSpark and how Berry raved about it in her blog. So i logged into my account in SocialSpark and started exploring the community and began learning. The learning process was pleasing because i made a lot of friends along the way. I also like the community's code of ethics, it spells fairness as far as i am concerned. See this :

-100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
-100% Transparency
-100% Real Opinions
-100% Search Engine Friendly

Now I am very much part of the community. I like the thrill that comes from having to compete with fellow bloggers in getting the opportunities. The competition is stiff but very friendly. I like it here, I am glad that i stumbled upon Berry's blog and learned about SocialSpark. But most of all I am happy with the knowledge that i would be soon earning some money out of what i love doing--writing. This is the good part, I get paid every time i get to write about something I like writing about.

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