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In a world that relies on computers for almost everything, the obvious path to take is the one that leads to an IT career. Everyone knows this, that is why advancing in this field takes a lot from one's competitiveness. For a kid who grew up in the years between the late 70's and early 80's I did not see this coming so the career path I chose when I was in college was not something that led to the IT world. After college it slowly dawned on me that it should have been IT or nothing because the world is rolling towards IT with the speed of light and there's no way of stopping it.

Though my field of specialization is not related to computers, computers come my way often that I learned to love it. I did not notice that I began to pour hours and hours of my spare time learning how to make computers bend according to my will. I accumulated books and CD's that I patiently read and followed. I spent a lot of time in forums where most of the members are IT professionals, I learned their language, I learned what to learn, I learned how to learn, and I learned where to look for answers to most of my questions. It was a journey that counted years and I am still counting. Then came to a point where the IT guys in the forums where I frequent see me as an IT guy and real IT guys often PM me for answers to some of their questions. In the
workplace, some people think that I am an IT guy so every time they have trouble with their PC they go to me for help. I even got a shot at teaching (part-time) IT related subjects in one of the schools here whose name is synonymous with IT education in the Philippines. There I got the chance to mix with real IT Professionals and learn a lot first hand. There I saw how wide a field of opportunities could open for me in the IT world.

But I am not really an IT guy because I do not have any certification to show that I am legally IT. Now I am thinking of pushing it further by earning a Cisco certification. If I earn a Cisco certification more opportunities will open for me. Now I am preparing for a shot at a certification so I am again on the lookout for anything that would be of help for this endeavor. I have just signed up with The Cisco Learning Network. This is a community where IT professionals could share ideas and expand knowledge and get connected with different people in the IT world. I believe that by joining this community I would be able to enhance and advance my skills that would lead to better opportunities in the future. It is not just by browsing technical content in this community that I gain a lot, it is also through getting to connect with people and share insights, opinions, and knowledge with the community.

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