SocialSpark is Live!

Yes, SocialSpark has finally gone live! I joined the community last month and now I have around 50 friends. Though I have been active in online communities for many years now, I am somewhat new to this kind of thing. The way the community makes it possible for a certain degree of intimate connection between bloggers and advertisers is something that is so newand exciting. This is a social network where everything is transparent, bloggers and advertisers could deal directly with each other, everything is laid on the table for everyone to see. The community is alive with activities where every member could take part. Members come from different walks of life so when you join you could expect to learn a lot from different people. Here is an example profile. You will see in it that Felicity joined the community last June 14 and now she has 114 friends and 77 props. What is a prop? It is something that you can give a member or an advertiser which would help prop up a profile owner's reputation. It can also be given to blogs and opportunities. So you see that the number of props one receives could equate to the kind of reputation one has in the community.

This post is sponsored by SocialSpark but I need to write about some things that remind us that nothing is perfect. The idea behind the site is really good but the dynamic pricing could mean stiff competition among members. Members who are new in this kind of thing must learn fast or they will never be able to compete with others. It is almost as soon an opportunity comes out that all slots for it are taken, members are so quick that I would always end up requesting for a slot to be opened for me or wait in queue. So far I have only taken one opportunity and that opportunity is always open for everyone, it's about Socialspark itself. Probably I am just quiet slow in watching for and taking opportunities. I see some members who could boast about at least an opp or two a week. How I wish I could be like them in the coming days :)