When You Search, Don’t Log into Google

Google is the best and most powerful search engine in the world. I love Google and its entire ecosystem of services like Gmail, Blogger, and its online office software. But I never use Google to search after I have logged on to it. Why? Because if you log into Google before you search, you make it easy for it to build a comprehensive profile about you because it knows your identity as you search. But of course it is difficult to not use Google to search. And it is also not easy not to log into it. The solution is to use two browsers. I use Opera to log into my Gmail account and this Blogger account. I use Firefox to search and do other stuff. In this way it would be harder for the search engine to correlate my identity with my searches. But some people find it too cumbersome to use two different browsers at the same time so another solution is to set up different profiles in the same browser- one is for using Gmail and the other is for doing actual searches. You need to have two instances of the browser (one for each profile) so that Google won’t be able to correlate your searches with your identity. This is not for IE users because IE does not support this stunt. Use Firefox to do this. To do this open command prompt and navigate to the directory in which Firefox is installed. Type firefox.exe -ProfileManager, and press Enter. The Profi le Manager will appear. Click Create Profile and follow the wizard to create your profi le. Create as many profiles as you like and then use different profiles for searching and for using mail and other search engine services.

To run separate instances of Firefox use this command : firefox.exe -no-remote -P profilename
You may use any name for the "profilename" after the P, for example : firefox.exe -no-remote -P pastilan or firefox.exe -no-remote -P ninja.