Flirt Up!

I am a flirt and I like girls who flirt. Flirting is a mind game that is, I think, more exciting than games like basketball or volleyball. What makes flirting more exciting than any of those sports? Probably it is because when you do it you dare break some unwritten rules, you dare touch another person's bubble and see if that person reacts favorably to what you are showing. I take all the chance to flirt; I flirt whenever there is a chance for me to do it in my writing; I flirt with my pretty officemate when I am in the office; I do it when I am at the mall, eyeing a pretty salelady, I even do it at times at the church (when my wife would sometimes successfully drag me to that place) with some willing girls; And of course I flirt a lot with my wife because she's one of the prettiest things that happened to me and I love the way she reacts to flirting. I flirt all the time, it's second nature to me because I am a hot-blooded mammal. The ability to read body language is a plus for flirting. The ability to read who is open for it and whole is not is of help. To be successful in your flirting endeavors you need to be able to read the subtlest signs sent by your object. Once you read the signs of irritation you can drop the game immediately. But once you read acceptance and enjoyment, you may push the game further to where you would want it to go.

One important factor in flirting is the looks (not unless you do it over the internet through chatting and other means where no visuals are involved). For women the crowning glory of beauty is the hair so a woman with Victory Hair has more chance of having more flirting partners than those whose hair are worn like those of losers. Now Extreme Style by VO5 is hosting an Ultimate Flirting Championship where participants would have the chance to see how much of a flirt they are. If you are a natural flirt, and loves flirting, now is the time for your flirting talent to be shown. Join the game and see how you fare with other flirts in the world.

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