How is Your BillsIQ ?

When it comes to handling finances I am not that good. I do not really religiously count the money that comes and go. I just have a rough estimate of how much comes in and how much comes out. I am poor in accounting. I never really worried about things like Debt consolidation or think much about Credit counseling until I took the BillsIQ quiz. After the quiz I realized that I have so much to learn about my finances. I realized that I virtually know nothing about maintaining a good credit standing, that many of my practices are not advisable if I want to have a clean credit standing. Though it hasn't come near to a point where I have to declare Bankruptcy, now is the right time to correct whatever those that are making my credit standing weaker.

On the area of Credit card debt I am, as of now, clean but I learned after taking the quiz that if I would not change some of my spending habits I would soon need Credit counseling and Debt help. For a person like me, who at times feel that his finances is getting out of control, Debt relief is always welcome especially when the weight of the debt is threatening to come crashing down on the face of my credit standing. Try taking your BillsIQ quiz and see how much you know about your financial health.

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