How To Remove Browser Toolbars You Did not Install

Add-on toolbars are meant to enhance and speed up your Web browsing experience. But some browser toolbars, especially those that you do not remember installing yourself, could slow down your browser because their makers did not really make them for your sole benifit but for themselves. Some of these toolbars are malicious in nature, some of them are spywares.Here are some tips to help you remove these unwanted browser toolbars.

For IE users, you need first to close any open Internet Explorer windows then open Control Panel and the select the "Add or Remove Programs" link.In the list of Currently installed programs, look for the toolbar you want to remove. Select the "Remove" button or the "Change/Remove" button. After this process restart IE and see if the unwanted toolbar is still there. Of course it is no longer there if you did the removal process correctly.

For Firefox users, here are the steps you need to take: Open Firefox and go to Tools then select Extensions to display the Firefox Extensions Manager window. Scroll down and select the option for the extension you want to remove. Select Uninstall or OK to remove toolbar. Close the Firefox Extensions Manager window and restart Firefox.

The methods listed above are the common methods to uninstall common toolbars from IE FireFox. There are some toolbars, especially the malicious ones, that are not that easy to remove therefore you need some antispyware tools to remove them. There are many freeware tools for removing these kinds of malwares. It is also recommended that you perform a registry cleanup and defrag using a reliable registry cleaner tool to ensure that any left behind information and empty registry keys are eliminated. I recommend RegVac registry Cleaner, just google it and it will come up in the search. You can use the trial version and it works well in cleaning your registry.

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