How To Speed Up Windows Aero

If your system is not that fast but you would like to enjoy the beauty of Windows Aero you know that you need to choose between eye candy and speed. If you would like to have the speed and just wait for the eye candy until your next hardware upgrade, you can choose to turn off Aero. Here's how to do it: Right-click the Windows desktop and select Personalize→Window Color and Appearance. Click “Open classic appearance properties” for more color options.In the Color scheme drop-down box, choose Windows Vista Basic or Windows Standard, and click OK. Aero will now be turned off.

But what if you want a little of both worlds, a little speed and a little eye candy? Well, there's a little trick that you can do. You can turn off some Aero features to speed up your PC, but leave others on that you like using. To do it, select Start→Computer→System Properties. Click Advanced system settings, then in the Performance section, click the Settings button. A screen appears. Uncheck those features that you want to turn off, then click OK. You're done.