Listening to a Sci-Fi Adventure


In this age of technology, those who deliver entertainment commodities have almost unlimited means of delivering their product. Podcasting is not that new but some people use it with a new twist. When I think of podcasting I think of music but after I stumbled upon Leviathan Chronicles a few days ago I realized that it could be a powerful medium for delivering some things that are made of more than just music. Podcasting could be a powerful means of delivering a Sci-fi adventure especially if the ones delivering it know what they are doing. Sci-fi could be a powerful experience when the audience are allowed to use their imagination to fill in the gaps to what purely aural experience could deliver. The Leviathan Chronicles is a sci-fi saga created by Christof Laputka. I have downloaded Chapter 1 (entitle Evil Undertow) of the story from Leviathan Chronicles website. It tells of a Chinese submarine attempting to deliver a mysterious cargo but encounters problem during the voyage. It meets another submarine, a US submarine, that offers some assistance. It is here that the story begins to become really interesting. The first chapter gave me a glimpse of the bigger picture which is a tale about a war between immortals. I am now downloading the next chapter, I'd like to continue listening to it while I am working in the office. I am hooked.

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