The Nimblest Portable Linux

NimbleX is aptly named. It is nimbler and quicker than Jack. There are many Linux distributions around but NimbleX could not be overlooked. This small but versatile operating system is able to boot in various ways. You can boot it from a CD, from your flash drive, USB pens, or mp3 players. You can even boot it from the network! It does not require installation. This beautiful OS which is based on Slackware is packed with many features. I am saying that this OS is "beautiful" because it really is. Aside from having a pretty graphical interface to boast about, it has many built-in softwares for writing documents, listening to music, playing movies, and of course, browsing the internet. It even has basic server functionality. Examples of the softwares it has are Firefox, XMMS, K3B, MPlayer, Gimp, Klam AV, Kopete, Transmission, and K Office. All these in a 200 MB CD. And before I forget, NimbleX also comes with VirtualBox installed, just in case you decide you want to get Windows XP running in it.

But how does it perform? well, it is safe to say that it runs faster than a fox even on systems that are not that well-equipped with the trappings of modern computing.

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