Orca Browser

The people who developed the Avant Browser is coming up with another browser, the Orca Browser. This new browser, which is based on Firefox 3, boasts of features that you can get in Firefox if you tweak the settings and load it with a lot of add-ons. So this should look like a Firefox on vitamins.

I heard that it is faster than Firefox but when I tried it myself I did not see any difference in speed. If there is a difference the average user would not notice it. Or is it because I did not tweak its settings, I just tested it directly after I installed it.

The look and feel of this browser is, as far as I am concerned, a cross between Firefox 3 and IE 7. It has all the things you get from Firefox 3 but of course they are arranged differently. The Menu bar is in a somewhat difficult position (for me) because I am used to having it on the left. They have moved it to the right. But this is a minor thing, one will get used to it in a few hours of use. Overall I think this browser is worth checking out.

Anyway, you can check the thing out here. It's in the beta stage though.