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Advertising is as old as commerce. Many would say that advertising is one of the many marketing tools that are used to attract attention of prospective customers to a business or its products or services. But advetising is not just a tool in commerce, it is commerce itself.

In today's world where new brands and new products are created almost everyday, it has become necessary for companies to use advertising to survive. Whatever a consumer is looking for there are always too many sellers. So it has become the prime concern of every marketer to promote their brand as a notch better than the competitors', it has become necessary to make the extra effort to be heard above the noise that other competitors create. Not too long ago television, print, and radio were the places to put advertisements in. But time changes the face of commerce. Now internet has become part of the realms of advertising. We all know that the little widgets in this blog are advertisements and they mean a lot to the companies that own them. But aside from just being content with little text links and images that beg to be clicked, there are other better means of bringing the products and services to the multitude. Blogging is a good way to spread news about a product or service. A blogger's testimony about a product has a strong impact on the reader especially if it is based on first-hand experience with the product.

Now comes a place where bloggers and advertisers meet. How I wish big brands like Coke and Adidas will have SocialSpark as their partner in maintaining their mark in the world. It would be very exciting for a blogger to compete for opportunities from such big names. Big names means big bucks. The bigger the name, the bigger the bucks, the easier it is to write about it because we literally grew up with this big name companies.

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