Social Spark is Great for Mommy Bloggers

My wife is a stay-at-home wife because I snatched her out of her last semester in college to marry her. She was one of the prettiest faces in campus that was why I took all the pains and risks to have her. We have a very active and handsome little three-year-old boy who is almost more than enough to keep my wife busy. This little boy feels and sounds like a dozen little boys and girls; he keeps the house in topsy-turvy condition. We find it cute.

We are now in our fourth year of marriage and so far everything's looking great especially on how our relationship has matured to a level that allows us to glean the profits of the emotional capital we had invested on our relationship six years ago. We started out as friends, then best friends, then couple, and finally parents. We have plans. Mine are quiet big, my wife's are simple. Whatever the sizes and shapes our dreams and plans take, we know that it would be easier for us to realize them if she earns her degree. She's just a semester shy of her degree. So this November she'll be back to college and on March 2009 she'll have her diploma. That is my plan. It has become her plan too. We know that her going back to college entails a lot of concerns. It spells money. We are preparing for it. My wife wants to help me earn extra cash but I could not allow her to work as of now so I introduced her to blogging, it would allow her to earn money at home. She's not a stranger to the computer so she started her own blog. Like most women who are not really into the technical side of things, she needs help in the coding side of her blog, like how to make a third column in Blogger.I maintain the layout of her blog and on how to run ads in it but I am hands off on the content. My wife's blogging makes her happy. She's happy when someone leaves a comment to one of her posts or in the shoutbox. She was all smiles on learning about her little income from her ad links (just $0.34) two months after her blog was up. Now she's planning to have a second blog, a mommy blog that is quiet different in look and content from the blog that she has now. I told her that she should also join SocialSpark after her second blog is up. There are many opportunities for mommy bloggers to take and it is a good source of income. I have shown her the blogs of other mommies who get solid income out of the opportunities they get from SocialSpark. She's very excited about it. She has the whole day to blog while I am at work so she could have more opportunities than I would have during the day. She has signed up for Paypal and I've processed a credit card for her. I know that once she becomes a member of SocialSpark and start winning opportunities and earn money she'd be much more happier. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my wife very happy.

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