Windows Vista's Hidden Boot Screen

This is an old trick from the bag of Vista tricks but I know that many Vista users do not know about this one yet so it would be a good addition to their arsenal of Vista hacks.

The Windows Vista default boot screen is good to look at but after you've seen it for the 1,032nd time you begin to want to see something else. Well, Vista has a hidden boot screen that waits to be tapped into life by you, it is called Aurora because it looks like Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), a beautiful phenomenon only seen in areas nearer the North pole. Here's the hack to make Aurora your Vista boot screen:

Run the MSCONFIG utility, and on the Boot tab, select “No GUI boot” and click OK. From now on, you’ll use the hidden Windows Vista boot screen. If you are a natural hacker and you’ve previously replaced the winload.exe.mui file with your own boot screen, you’ll need to restore the original to see the Aurora screen.

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