Your PDF Download Solution

Downloading and opening a large PDF file in our browser often gives us headache. We wait for ten or more centuries before it opens in our browser and while waiting we kill time by scolding ourselves for clicking the link. But kiss this problem goodbye because there's a free Firefox extension that will give you several options upon encountering a PDF file. This little plug-in will warn you every time you are on the brink of clicking a link to a PDF file. You will be given the choice to download it, view it as HTML, skip it, or bypass it using PDF Download.T his plug-in also has the ability to convert PDF to HTML for easier viewing. You can also choose how and when to view your PDFs. The coolest feature it has (for me) is its ability to convert a web page to PDF. Mind you, it retains the look and layout of the webpage you convert.

What's the name of this cool Firefox plugin? It is simply called PDF Download. Its current version is 2. Check it out.

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