How Green are Hardware Makers? Ask Greenpeace

Are you really concerned about how "green" your electronic gadgets are? Well, if you are one of the thousands whose souls are environmentally inclined, you'll need to know that version 8 of Greenpeace’s Guide To Greener Electronics is now obviously tougher and many of your favorite hardware makers may not pass the new standard. Here's a list of how the most popular names fared:

Nintendo (0.8 of 10 possible points), Microsoft (2.2), and LGE (3.3) as the least environmentally friendly makers. With a stronger emphasis on makers’ efforts to reduce toxic chemicals and their e-waste disposal practices, Sony and Sony-Ericsson (5.1) topped the list of 18. Nokia(4.8) held the top spot before being docked a point for “corporate misbehavior on its take-back and recycling practice” in India. Samsung (4.5), Dell (4.5), Toshiba (4.3), Acer (4.3), Panasonic (4.3), Motorola (4.3), HP (4.3), Apple (4.1), Sharp (3.9), Lenovo (3.9), Philips (3.7), and Fujitsu (3.7).

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