Of Losers and Politicians

I know that this a break from the usual techie stuff I love posting in this blog. I just need to put this here to let out some steam. This is for my fellow Filipinos. But if you are not a Filipino I am not barring you from reading this.

Among the big losers in the Beijing Olympics is the Philippines. Zero medals so far, and only a day left in the games. The performance of a country in sports is a reflection of how it is governed by its officials. The Olympic Games is where nations show off how good they are as nations. Good leaders make good nations. Poor leaders make poor nations. Nations who perform poorly in the Olympic Games are nations with poor leadership. Poor performance in the games is a sign that a country is poor--economically and politically. The Olympic Games is not only about sports, it is about politics and economy. Countries with good economy could train and send off to the Olympic Games medal-winning athletes. China is flexing its muscles and showing to the world that it is becoming the new superpower. The way it wins medals over the present superpower (the USA) gives us a glimpse of how it will perform as a giant nation in the near future. There is no stopping the rise of China.

How about the Philippines? How will we perform as a nation in the near future? If our leaders continue the way as they are now, our journey down the drain will continue to gain momentum. It would be a hell of a ride down.

In the world of sports the Philippines is not that poor. We have our Manny Pacquiao, we have our Efren "The Magician" Reyes, we have our Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan, we have Rafael "Paeng"Nepomuceno and many more. Many Filipinos have proven time and again that we could excel in sports. But when we look at the above mentioned names we see that the Philippine government has nothing to do with how these great atheles started out. Manny Pacquiao started out on his own. Despite his poverty he struggled on his own to reach the top. When he reached the top many government officials were quick to share with him the stage and the spotlight and his truimph has become their triumph too. It is also like that with the other professional atheles we have. They start out on their own without any support from the government, when they win the glory, the government rides along with them and bask in the limelight of success.

But look at how our atheletes performed in the Beijing Olympics. Developing team atheles into medal-eating machines is the responsibility of the government. The government's system really sucks. We should look at how we find athletes in the first place and how we treat them when we have found them. It takes a lot of money and pure sincerity to develop real athletes who could compete well with atheletes of other nations.

A country's performance in sports could tell so much about a country. Our performance in the Beijing Olympics reflects the performance of our government officials as leaders of this nation. The 2010 elections is nearing but I could not see the light. I could not see any hope in the trite promises of those who are eyeing for the highest positon in the land come 2010. They are traditional politicians trying to package themselves as "new". Traditional politicians suck.

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