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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) or median neuropathy at the wrist is a medical condition that could cause the patient to feel pain in the forearm and wrist and muscle weakness in those areas. CTS happens when your median nerve is compressed. A person suffering from Carpal tunnel syndrome may be hindered from doing his work because of the pain. Operating a computer could be very difficult especially if the pain is in the right hand. Studies show that CTS is more common in women than in men and has a peak incidence around age 42 but it could get to a person at any age.

Carpal tunnel syndrome's cause is complex that is why it is difficult to treat. For many years patients just suffered the pain while a multitude of possible treatments were being tried. Now people suffering from this medical condition could have relief from the pain that darkens their lives. IMAK has come up with Smart Glove that brings carpal tunnel relief. The patented SmartGlove helps prevent and relieve wrist pain associated with CTS, arthritis and tendinitis by encouraging proper hand and wrist position. Because IMAK SmartGlove is made from washable, breathable cotton Lycra®, it gives all day comfort. Other features include a flexible support splint;and a massaging ergoBeads™ pad under the wrist, which cushions and improves circulation.

IMAK SmartGlove is guaranteed to help prevent and relieve carpal tunnel syndrome, increases comfort and circulation, and ensure ergonomically correct wrist position. SmartGlove also cushions and protects the underside of the wrist, including the pisiform bone. It is also Reversible to fit left or right hand.

IMAK SmartGlove is not only limited to bringing relief to CTS, it also brings relief to people suffering from arthritis, tendinitis, hand fatigue and other wrist and hand pain.


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