PPP and SocialSpark, Suffering from DDOS Attack

I could not access my accounts at Payperpost and Socialspark. I could not access any of Izea's websites. When I type Socialspark's URL in the address bar and hit enter my browser will just tell me that "Server at Socialspark could not be Found". The same thing happens when I do it with Payperpost or any of the pages related to Izea network. This problem started two days ago. At first I thought that Socialspark or the Izea network is really down but when I saw that other bloggers I know were posting sponsored posts coming from Socialspark on that day, I realized that Socialspark is up and it is only in my end that there is a problem. I also received e-mails from Socialspark informing me about friendship requests and a reservation for an opp, so it is really only me who could not acces them. I also checked with Berry about her Socialspark account and she told me that nothing is happening except that she can't access Payperpost website. At this time something was already playing in my mind; my IP address is being barred from accessing Socialspark. So to take a closer look at the problem I had no other choice but to make Socialspark's firewall see me as not me in order for me to be let in. So I did it and I was able to log in. Once in I immediately sent a ticket explaining my problem. That was last night and so far I haven't received any reply yet. I know that my ip address is somehow being barred from accessing everything that is Izea. I want to know why. This morning I stumbled upon the explanation. Payperpost and Izea network is suffering from a DDOS attack.

For those who are not familiar with DDOS attack, it means Distributed Denial Of Service attack. The main purpose of the one doing the DDOS attack is to put down a site. In order for my mommy blogger friends to understand what DDOS is all about, I will use layman's terms as much as possible to explain it. The idea is to flood the target website with fake requests until it can no longer handle the flood and shut down. How do these script kiddies do it? They make thousands or more computers as their "bots" or "zombie" to do simultaneous requests on the target website. Your computer could be one of those, you could be part of the attack without even knowing it. When you open a spam e-mail with attachments, you face the danger of having your computer installed with a malicious software that could turn your computer into a slave, a "bot", that will do whatever it is told to do by the owner of the malicious software.

I know that bloggers like me who want to earn extra cash from blogging could not help but open all their e-mail, even those that go to the spam box. I open almost every mail because I could not remember all the sign ups I made (which is kind of stupid of me in view of my experience with computers and the internet). My machine could have been part of a DDOS attack on Socialspark or Payperpost that is why my i.p. address is not allowed by Izea's firewall to access their websites. That is the explanation why i could not access Socialspark and Payperpost. Or it could be that they are filtering out a range of i.p. addresses suspected of carrying out the DDOS attack and my i.p address happens to fall under that range.

All I could do now is to wait for this to be resolved. I am hoping that this would be resolved soon. My opps will melt away if this will go on for long :(

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