Things to Check First When your PC Misbehaves

When your PC behaves badly, don't panic, just relax, because the problem could be very easy to solve. Here are some simple things that you could do before kicking off to a long trobleshooting session that could take a lot from your precious time:

See if your PC's AVR is turned on. Sometimes we forget to do the simplest of things and when our machine won't power up we panic and think that it has been damaged during your last session with it.

See if all the cables are connected. Simple things like loose connection could cause us splitting headaches especially if we are catching up with a deadline. I remember how years ago my day was broken by a loose connection. It took me a long time to trobleshoot a malfunctioning printer when the problem was just a loose connection.

See if all peripherals are turned on. A powered-off print server coul prevent your printer from working.

Check the Device Manager. Does the device manager display any problem? Red Xs indicate malfunctioning or disabled divices.

Check drivers.Is there a new driver? Updating your driver could solve problems. If there are new drivers available, try reinstalling some drivers.

Take a look at your newly installed updates. Have you installed a new update to one of the softwares you are using? Some updates and patches released by software publishers could sometimes cause problems.

Doing the above things first could save you a lot of time. So the next time your PC misbehaves, don't panic, just relax and remeber this post :)

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