Automatically Shrink Images with Shrink Pic

I do not use anything special when it comes to resizing images for my blog posts; I just use my fingers, the keyboard, the mouse and good old MS Paint (that default Windows paint program that you can access via All Programs>Accessories>Paint). I can process an image in about 8 seconds if I am in a real hurry. I have been using this process for some time now. But not everyone finds my process easy to follow (it took my wife three good tutorials from me to be able to figure out how I do it and why I do it that way). But why bother with my process when you can have something that would spare you from the trouble of using good old boring but reliable MS Paint? For bloggers and those who use the internet on a daily basis, it is important to have a handy software that could automatically resize images that are sent by email, instant message or uploaded via browser to a blog account. There are many good software out there that can do wonders with resizing images but nothing beats a freeware that performs as good as those apps that cost a dollar more than what it does. Shrink Pic is a free software that resizes your images on -the-fly; it won't bother you with dialog boxes and interface that could confuse you if you are not that technical. This program has the ability to automatically detect it whenever you are on the verge of uploading an image and replace the it with resized copies. It does not modify the original image. It offers three compression profiles to choose from and you can alo opt to disable the resizing engine during times when you need to upload a full-sized image. The program can also copy a portable version to your digital camera memory card (or USB drive) that can be used without installation from another computer.

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