The Clash of The Browser Titans

In the battle of browsers, four or five names are in the ring but only two or three have the good punches that could win the crown. I am talking about Firefox, IE, and Chrome (You can put in Safari too if you want). In the past two weeks the buzz was around Chrome, the new comer. I have talked much about this new comer in this blog so I will refrain from talking more about it while I am still on the process of knowing this new chap. We'll focus the spotlight on the Dinosaur in the group, Internet Explorer. Will Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 outpunch Firefox and the shiny new gladiator in the ring? The promise of IE's newest version is better security, better look, and better compatibility with Net standards. But Firefox and other browsers are actually delivering these things to users so what would make the newest version of IE better than Firefox and the other browsers? 

Let's take a look at the features of the newest IE. Tabbed browsing. Well, it is not something that IE could boast about because everyone has it. But IE 8 has improved on this feature. IE8 groups related tabs together and with color coding. If you open a link in IE it will open as a new tab adjacent to the original tab where you've clicked the link. And you can even move tabs around, change their position. But these things are also possible in Chrome and Firefox. But wait, IE8 is not a total dino when it comes to innovations of the tab, is has another tab trick in the bag. Microsoft calls this "tab isolation". We all have experienced clicking a bad link that opens a new page in a tab that causes the browser to stop working and crash. This happens to Firefox. With IE 8's tab isolation, you don't have to worry about a bad webpage in one of the tabs causing the whole program to crash. In IE 8 only the problematic tab will close. Yes Firefox has yet to have 
an answer to this but Chrome is also free from such crashes caused by a single problematic page in a tab. 

How about IE 8's security features? Well, IE 8 Beta 2 has InPrivate feature. With this feature, you can opt not to save your sensitive data. But Safari has its own version of this feature also and so does Chrome. Firefox will surely have this (not through an addon) in the next release. IE 8's Phishing filter (smartScreen) is not also something new in this game, Chrome has it and as thorough as what IE8 has. 

When it comes to web compatibility, IE8 offers better support for W3 Web standards. But IE8 has the tendency not to display correctly some pages that were designed for earlier versions of IE. But Microsoft has an antidote for this, there is a compatibility button in IE8's toolbar which comes handy whenever a page does not display good. I've noticed that some pages do not display good with Chrome, but display fine with IE and Firefox. 

Well, no matter what IE will do, I am one of the thousands who do not use (and do not have any plans of using) Internet Explorer because it is like using a pair of shoes that does not fit well ( i don't know, I love Microsoft's OS but I could not love the little important apps that come with it). I am happy with Firefox and Chrome.