Google's Chrome Browser

Though I am a Firefox lover it doesn't mean that I do not notice other browsers (guys notice other worth noticing chicks even if they have the best girl in the world). Two days ago I posted a review of the Safari browser and I am sure that I would be posting follow-up reviews for it as I am still on the getting-to-know-you-stage in my relationship with it. Now here comes another browser from the giant Google, the Chrome browser. Google claims that it is "a browser that runs today's complex web applications much better". Would it be better than Firefox? That remains to be seen as I'd devote three or more days of my time just to use this browser. As of now I only have a two sentence review for it: It looks very clean and it runs faster than your average pussycat. Wow!


After an hour of using Chrome browser here are some things I'd like to tell :

The default homepage of Chrome will show you large thumnails of your most visited webpages (see the screenshot I took of it a while ago). I find this feature very useful because it speeds up my browsing. I am always in a hurry and I find typing the URL in the address bar a very tedious process even if I only need to type the first few characters. On the same tab you will also see  the recent searches you've made and the latest pages you've bookmarked. The recently closed tabs are also shown here. By opening a new tab you will have access to this feature of Chrome. I like this feature.

Another thing I find cool about Chrome is something that Gem brought to my attention a while back. It is the "incognito window". If you want anonymity while browsing just hit Ctrl+shift+N. When you use the incognito window the pages you view won't appear in your browser history or search history. 

More on this in a few winks :)

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