How to Decrapify Your PC

Do you know what is a "craplet"? Well, if you use structural analysis you will understand that the root word is the word "crap" and we all know the meaning of this word. The suffix "let" means little and the morpheme "s" makes the term plural. Craplets are trial programs that clutter your PC, they pop up anytime and ask you to do thing like registering to their site. These craplets makes your PC slow, and there are many of them in just about any PC you buy from your favorite appliance store. How do you decrapify your PC? Easy, you do not even need to shell out some bucks because there is a free software that would do the cleaning. PC Decrapifier searches through your PC and removes as many of the craplets as it can. Among the nearly four dozen craplets it kills are multiple kinds of Norton, McAfee and Trend Micro trial antivirus products, Wild Tangent games, and MusicMatch, among others.

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