Is Your Networking Technology Maturing Faster than Your Staff?

Forrester Principal Analyst Rob Whiteley discusses how most organizations are updating their network technology, yet few are maturing their network staff at the same pace. Network operations are no longer about simple device management—network managers must be skilled at understanding the implications of shifting toward more process- and business-oriented network management.

To fill this skills gap, today's enterprises are looking to process frameworks like ITIL to define network management practices, and investing in better network management tools to help automate the routine, daily network tasks to free up time to learn new skills and technology to close the gap. This presentation explores these trends with key takeaways including:

* The external forces reshaping network operations and creating a skills gap
* How companies are looking to frameworks like ITIL to mature processes
* How network management tools and automation help close emerging skills gaps
* Recommendations for maximizing your network management strategies

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