My Top Five Sports Hightlight at SportsVids

I like sports and I like watching sports videos. I also like watching over and over again moments of glory in the sports I like, like an impossible goal during the last seconds of an important football game . You cannot do it when you watch it on television because you can not rewind television. But with SportsVids, I can now watch again and again sports highlights that I like. is a one stop shop for all the sports videos a user could possibly want. The site contains many sports clips uploaded by members. It is good to have online sports videos because a true sports fanatic would not be satisfied with just watching a very good action once. If you have sports vids of your own gathering dust in your hard drive, why not upload them to SportsVids and share it to the world. You can also tell your friends to upload their sports clips to the SportsVids site. The more videos uploaded, the more action we see online.

My favorite sport is soccer so I looked for soccer clips in SportsVids. I found a good clip of the highlights of David Beckham's career. You can see it below, I have included it in this post. But of course I am not limited only to watching soccer, I also like basketball, billiards and baseball so I have included videos of these sports too. The billiards clip I have included here shows an unidentified cue artist showing trick shots that would really amaze and amuse even those who are not really into billiards.


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