Spice Up Your Digital Life

Digital gadgets are weaved into the fabric of our daily lives; we could not live without our computer, camera phone, and many many other digital media tools and software. But despite the fact that our world breathes digital gadgets, many of us are not really making the most out of what technology could offer us. Gadgets are there to make our lives a lot more easier, its not the other way around. Roxio knows this that is why they are giving us Roxio Extreme Digital Makeover, a show that is meant to help the average folks spice up their digital lives. The show is hosted by Zoey and Chris, two wacky experts in everything digital. I checked their site out and saw the episode they've had; I really like their Wedding Day Crunch episode, it is my favorite episode, it makes me remember my own wedding day, if I could only turn back the hand of time I would and do it the way it was shown in that episode.

Zoey and Chris together will give us fun-filled shows that are sure to enrich your digital experience. What are you waiting for, head now to the show's site and checkout the episodes. You can also join their contest for a chance to be featured in the show. You can also win some prizes that would spice up your digital life.


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